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Group Subscribers Description
~anime 11105 Posts about anime and the related media/genres including TV shows, manga, movies, and games.
~arts 12390 Articles and discussions about the arts - theatre, drawing, painting, photography, poetry, etc.
~books 10202 Discussion, news and articles related to books (fiction or non-fiction).
~comp 12081 Topics focused on the more technical side of computers, things of interest to programmers, sysadmins, etc.
~creative 12006 Arts, crafts, and other DIY-ish things.
~design 12418 Topics related to design, both physical (e.g. fashion, architecture, products) and non-physical (e.g. logos, web design, advertising)
~enviro 12177 Topics related to the environment - conservation, recycling, alternate energy, etc.
~finance 12385 Topics related to business, economics, personal finance, investing, the stock market, and so on.
~food 10056 Topics related to food (and drinks!).
~games 12101 News and discussion about games of all types - video games, tabletop games, board games, etc.
~games.game_design 12076 Articles and discussion about game design including mechanics, environments, audio, and AI.
~games.tabletop 12051 Topics about tabletop games: board games (both modern and classical), role-playing games, card games, etc.
~health 10089 A place for discussions concerning health - diets, fitness, etc.
~health.coronavirus 12377 News, discussion, advice, and more related to the COVID-19 coronavirus disease
~hobbies 10428 Discussing hobbies - what are you into?
~humanities 12244 Topics and discussion related to the humanities - history, philosophy, language, and so on.
~lgbt 9057 This group includes discussions and news regarding LGBT-related topics. The umbrella term "LGBT" includes all minority sexualities and gender identities. Everybody is welcome to participate.
~life 12281 Topics related to our personal (and professional) lives - work, school, families, relationships, parenting, etc.
~misc 12373 Topics that don't fit anywhere else.
~movies 12038 Movie-related news, trailers, discussion, etc.
~music 11874 Music and related topics. Share songs and music videos, ask for recommendations, post articles, reviews, and more.
~news 12258 All the world's current events, including politics as well as analysis or opinion pieces. Please tag topics with the name of the relevant country or countries.
~science 12371 Everything science-related: discoveries, studies, articles, discussions, and questions. Topics related to any scientific discipline are welcome.
~space 12433 Topics about the universe, space exploration, and related subjects such as rocketry and satellites.
~sports 11188 Sports news, discussions, etc.
~talk 12355 Open-ended discussions with fellow Tildes users, casual or serious.
~tech 12419 Technology news and discussions, intended for a general audience. Posts requiring deep technical knowledge should go in more-specific groups.
~tildes 12404 Meta discussion about Tildes itself, including questions, suggestions, and bug reports.
~tildes.official 12478 Official Tildes announcements, updates, and daily discussions (admin posts only).
~tv 11850 Television news, trailers, discussion, etc.